SiriusKA v3.2  (Windows OS only)

Click to download SiriusKA

Note:  6/3/2013 - We've had very good success using Google Chrome and running two instances of SiriusKA a few minutes apart. 

Version 3.2 - Updated 4/14/2013

Sirius has made yet another change to their player.  We've tried a few things and one of them worked well so you can download the new SiriusKA version above.  There are a few changes though to get this to work:

1. You need to add the channel you're listening to as a favorite.

2.  Click the Favorites Tab.

3. Click on your Favorite to start the channel playing.

4. Run SiriusKA and then drop the crosshairs on your favorite channel in the Favorites tab.  You'll see  a pause button show up on top of the favorite for a split second after you drop the crosshairs.

5. Click Start

We've tested this in IE 9.0 and Chrome with mixed results.  We had better results with Chrome but when using Chrome the player window will become active when SiriusKA communicates with it.  IE doesn't behave like this.  If the player is minimized, it will stay minimized in IE.

Some things we've noticed in our testing..your mileage may vary.

1. It seemed in our testing that the Sirius player would drop its active connection sometimes for no reason.  Sometimes SiriusKA would work for 1 hour and sometimes for 10 hours.  We can't tell why right now.

2. Using Chrome we noticed that the Flash Shockwave would crash the player sometimes.

We figured we would post this since it may be better than nothing at this point.  We're still looking into making it better.  Let us know how it works outs for you.



We wrote this program to try to get around the 90 minute timeout on the SiriusXM player.  If you run into any problems using the software, please shoot us an email at  It's simple to use - just start the SiriusXM player first, then run the SiriusKA app and follow the instructions on the screen.

SiriusKA is used to keep the SiriusXM Player from timing out. Typically, the SiriusXM player prompts the user to click a button every 90 minutes to ensure that someone is at the PC listening to the player. This program enables the player to continue playing past 90 minutes without user interaction.

It's Free!